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Pledge to Clients:


My goal is to build a honorable relationship with my clients, doing so by listening to every detail of their specific wants and needs as well as going above and beyond for any and every unique transaction. I can assure you any of your real estate needs will be handled with knowledge, passion, discretion, and integrity. All of which are of extreme importance to provide to my clients at all times. I commit to providing trust, loyalty, communication, and reasonable care as I work diligently to help you buy, sell, or invest focusing on the deal at hand.  


Professional Experience:


I am very well aware how every person is different and I find it important to be able to help out as best I can in every way. I have been working in customer service for over 8 years. I also have 3 years of my most memorable times serving the SVUSD school district working with preschoolers, kindergarten and even in middle school. I have always had a passion for real estate and I am certain I will thrive in this new venture of my life as I have in everything I do. 


Education :


Bulldogs Class of 2004 from Douglas Arizona, was where I received my High school diploma. I then went to Cochise College to study General Education, being there I realized my true passion was in real estate. After my realization I started my journey at Arizona School of Real Estate and Business, which is where I was able further grow my education and receive my license as a real estate agent, Your licensed real estate agent. 



Outside Interests:


When not at work quality time with my 2 boys is a must have. We enjoy anything outdoors while some of our favorites are fishing, camping, horseback riding, off-roading, sports and so much more. Family time is very important to me and my boys so we make sure to enjoy family dinners every night. 


Personal Information:


I am a native to Arizona born and raised in Cochise County, this beautiful state has been so good to me and my family and we love it here! I was blessed with 2 wonderful boys that are my daily motivation. My oldest is 15 years old Hector and is very proactive in his sports since 3 years old. My youngest is 12 years old Joel and he is definitely following his brother's footsteps in sports since a very young age. I am blessed and very grateful to have such wonderful boys that support me in my career which I have loved from day 1.